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By delivering tools and concepts that are easy to understand and use, we help owners and their management teams to improve the value of their customer relationships, the efficiency of their financial assets, and ultimately their profits.
Go to Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value

By better understanding the behaviors and profitability of your customer segments, amazing things start to happen. Suddenly, setting strategy and achieving team cohesiveness comes within reach. Among other things, Customer Lifetime Value can help you to identify profitable customer segments and profiles, compare and prioritize marketing channels and growth opportunities based on ROI, set financially sound strategy, and create a common language among your entire team.

Go to Financial Basics and Literacy

Financial Basics and Literacy

The topic of finance can be intimidating or even boring for many entrepreneurs, especially when they went into business because of a passion rather than for “the numbers”. But with basic fundamentals and an understanding of the financial underpinnings of a business, you can discover many ways to make it more profitable and efficient. We focus on tested and proven techniques that will give your business “just enough” to begin to better manage the most important areas of business finance.

Go to No-Nonsense Strategic Planning

No-Nonsense Strategic Planning

Benjamin Franklin famously said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Unfortunately, the concept of strategic planning is often surrounded with too much non-action for business owners. We agree. But we also know that some basic planning tools and processes can result in a higher degree of innovation and execution. By establishing planning goals that tie directly to customer lifetime value, you really can move the needle. Otherwise, what’s the point?!?

Go to Hourly Support Services

Hourly Support Services

Sometimes you need a boost to get your improvement projects rolling. Or maybe your team and resources are maxed out, and you need some short term help to “get over the hump.” And having access to an experienced set of new eyes and ears can always make a big difference…that’s the kind of help we provide.

START USING Your Business Data

It may be trite but it is also true... the business world is changing rapidly because of data and the internet. Large corporations are now able to invade your local space. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Data analysis and the internet enable smaller / niche brands and services to grow into sustainable national or regional brands... but a serious effort is required.
Transform Your Culture. Become Data Driven.

Customer analytics is NOT just for big business. However, large competitors recognize that many small and medium businesses don't study and utilize their own customer and product data. With the right tools and knowledge, you can become a data driven organization. Your business can and should make the transition. It's a lot easier than it may sound. Start today!



Meet some of our current and former clients that operate locally-focused businesses.



Fast growth can create a whole new set of “good problems to have.” Setting strategy and goals takes on a whole new meaning.



Starting at “square one” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use financial strategy in your decision making.



When you manage inventory and a far-flung supply chain, the importance of sound financial management can quickly become magnified.


We are an on-demand business accelerator designed for small- and mid-sized businesses that are looking for financial and personal growth. We help entrepreneurs and their teams to achieve the next phase of growth in their businesses and to sort out current challenges. We provide tools and techniques that deliver "just enough" analysis and process...because when you are trying to grow, speed matters. We know that financial strategy is not a favorite subject for many business founders and owners. But we also know that simple tools and concepts can help others to harness financial strategy for their businesses. Our goal is to make you comfortable enough with finance that you will start to think of yourself as your own Chief Financial Officer.

Jeff Batton

Jeff has been a key executive in varying roles with a long list of fast growth businesses like GeneSearch, Wisetail, Alaska Growth Capital, Schedulicity, and He spent a decade in Chicago and Bay Area finance and startups before relocating to Bozeman. See LinkedIn for details.

Dan Rice

Dan is a multi-task executive with skills in management, leadership, planning, project development, problem solving, customer relations, complex negotiations, and process development. He has served as a COO, CFO and Legal Counsel in a variety of companies and settings.

Cody Casperson

Cody is a recent graduate with high honors from Montana State University, where he studied finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. He has a broad set of experiences for someone early in his career, having worked directly for startups, financial services companies, and many HomeStake clients.
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